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The first blog of Spooktober!

Hello you lovely lot - how the hell are you all doing on this, the 3rd day of Spooktober?? Have you started putting your Halloween decorations up yet?? I have! The fireplace is all decked out but I have a few more bits I want to add...

SO....I thought I'd post a quick blog entry up to let you all know whats going on with this website - I only created it a few days ago and originally I was thinking of making it my new art shop so I can move away from Etsy...HOWEVER...I've since found that you can sell things on KoFi so thats where I'm going to move all my art to when I get a chance

This site will now be my blog which I think will be a fun way of communicating with all my tiktok and insta followers while maybe having some fun with CREATIVE WRITING as I'm planning on publishing a "Vampire Cop Diary" seeing as shes one of my most popular TikTok characters and has a pretty interesting backstory. How does that sound?

Also I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for getting involved in my future Octavia TikToks, she's been so well received and will definitely be filming more of her now so thanks for making her story so much fun and interacting with her

....even you filthy vampire hunters!

Lots of love!

Vampire Cadet xx

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